Ethics of Telehealth in Autism Treatment

Given the rapid development of technology, many behavior analysts are turning to telehealth as a modality for delivering treatment. Telehealth has also been hailed as a way for clinicians to reach populations in rural areas.

Though technology is getting easier to use by the day (and cheaper), there are still many considerations behavior analysts much take into account if delivering services via telehealth.

Recently, I published a paper in Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice that explores the ethical implications of telehealth research with individuals with autism. We primarily examined how previous research on telehealth has considered ethics during telehealth services, and we then provide recommendations for future research and practice.

Though the paper has not yet been assigned to an issue, you can view the early-view version of the paper by clicking here. The full citation for the paper is provided below.

Quigley, S. P., Blevins, P. R., Cox, D. J., Brodhead, M. T., & Kim, S. Y. (2017). An Evaluation of Explicit Ethical Statements in Telehealth Research With Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder. Behavior Analysis: Research and Practice. Advance online publication.

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